The company

Flylavt was founded in 2012. We deliver professional droneservices for the commercial market. The company holds today an office with storage- and workshopfacilites in Bodø, Norway.

Fly Lavt have the highest RPAS operations license (RO3) issued by NCAA and has all necessary insurance. Our operators have a license for aerial photography issued by NSM, which includes use of sensors beyond normal photography. For droneoperations in the vicinity of airports our operators have the required Aviation Radio Telephone licence. We are also a member of the national RPAS organization UAS Norway.

We have adapted our gear to operate in arctic conditions with challenges like wind, low temperatures, at oceans and mountainous terrain. Through our years of experiece we have put together the neccesary equipment to operate  drones continuously at even very remote locations.

In addition to using professional well recognized equipment, we also develop a lot of gear ourselves in our workshop, such as drones, camera equipment and stabilizers, controllers et cetera. Other areas of expertise include CNC and 3D-printing, programming, software development, hardware/circuitboard building and testing. This allows us to be flexible and adaptable in order to handle a great deal of various assignments. We continually work to be ahead in the area of development and to meet the demands of the market.

The people

Magnus Skogmo



Phone: +47 413 28 065


Magnus holds a commercial pilots licence and work as captain in an aviation company. He is military educated and have worked in the Norwegian Navy. Magnus has studied scientific theory, psychology and math at The Arctic University of Norway. Along with the formal education, he has a lot of knowledge about administration, programming and technology, human resource, and of course aviation subjects.

Sigfinn Andersen



Phone: +47 911 91 337


Sigfinn trained as an engineer in tv-production at the College of Lillehammer. He has worked with film, TV and production of commercials for over ten years. He has several years of experience operating unmanned aerial vehicles and he is also very knowledgeable in the field of technology, programming, phototechniques and photo/video- aestetics.

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