Photo and Film

Since start of Fly Lavt, we have offered aerial and conventional photo- and film-services. With our network of partners we are capable of cover most needs, from footage direct to clients to delivery of complete end products. We also provides a huge amount of complex images and video sets for planned construction projects visualizations. Depending on the demand we can provide drones from the simplest Mavic Air, Phantom 4, and to the more advanced Inpire 2 equipped with the X7S camera. In some cases we have to use our custom built drones with your choice of camera. Please have a look on our Portfolio for ideas and examples of photo/video final products.

Live streaming from drone

Our knowledge, experience and equipment enables us to deliver all over the world high quality video feed from our drones to both amateurs or professional broadcast clients. For example to your Facebook, YouTube, Livestream channel, or directly to your TV or PC screen via our custom made streaming server/decoder setup. Our system leads to high quality, stability and a typical delay of only 2 seconds. For customer with their own streaming solution, we stream directly to the client´s server for custom media processing. The streaming output can be set as needed to analog, 720p or Full HD (1080i/p). When needed, we use "infield" wireless video link to send the video stream locally to whatever client receiver equipment for further transmission. We have permission to fly in high populated areas like festivals, concerts news coverage and rescue operations inside or outside mobile coverage. Fly Lavt make the aerial streaming easy for our client, a solution that adapts to both high end broadcast professionals and to budget broadcast for small companies, arrangements, organizations and private.

Scanning / Mapping

Using photo-mapping we can produce GEO-referenced pictures and elevation-models, detailed charts and three-dimensional PDF-models. These models are typically used for production of maps and charts, terrain-profiling, documentaion, estimation of mass and visual design. We work closely through processing and quality-control with Geo Bodø


We also deliver equipment and RPAS approval for commercial drone operation in Norway, as well as provide courses, workshop's, training, and tailor-made packages for companies.

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Consulting / Development

Fly Lavt AS assist other organizations and individuals with consulting services and assistance such as document preparation, facilitation, approvals and operational tasks. We are also able to help companies to meet the high level of requirements to be able to operate in densely populated areas, by night, BLOS and other complex operations. For companies who don't want to carry the licence selfes, their operator can qualify to operate under the liability of Fly Lavt RO3 RPAS licence number NO.RPAS.00000. We are  also making our own flying and camera equipment, including technical design, material, machining, 3D printing, PCB and carbon material designs.